Spring has sprung! If you haven’t read our previous posts on getting ready to sell, we highly recommend checking them out. Right now is the perfect time to list your home! 

With that we have a couple more important tips if you’re about to sell your home!

Tip 3. Organize and declutter. Walking into an area that is cluttered and cramped makes the space seem very small and can quickly turn off a potential buyer. Also seeing your personal belongings in the home makes it much harder for the buyer to envision themselves living there. Keep family photos to a minimum and remove things you don’t use on a regular basis.

Open the closets and organize the cabinets! Storage is a big deal! Buyers want to know how much closet space they will have. The same for cabinets. They will most likely be looking in both of these spaces, so make sure it is as neat and tidy as possible.

Tip 4. Stow away everyday items that tend to be an eye sore. For example, litter boxes, used kitchen towels or cleaning sponges, dirty laundry or pet toys should be out of site.

We hope you put these little tips into practice! Come back next week for our last few pieces of advice on preparing to sell your home!

Happy Selling!

Castle Rock Realty Team