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Our staff had a meeting a few weeks ago to talk about what we could do to help the kids and teachers have a great school year. One of our ideas was to host a back-to-school supply drive for students, but then we took it a step further to create the drive to benefit our teachers as well. We are so excited to announce that we are hosting a back-to-school supply drive! We want to help as many students and teachers as possible in this school year—so this school drive is to benefit all students and all teachers.

We all know that teachers get to about mid-schoolyear before they start digging into their own pockets, either for supplies that they need for their classrooms or for things that kids in their classes need. We appreciate the hearts of teachers…

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Congratulations: It’s a Seller’s Market! You may be asking, “Why not sell my home myself,” “How can I make the most in a Seller’s Market,” or even “How do I sell my house?” To help you decide which path you are ready for, consider what a realtor can offer you.

1. Limit your exposure to litigation. Selling a home requires a lot of legal paperwork that must be completed before selling, and these forms can be overwhelming.  When you hire a real estate agent, they will handle all of the paperwork for you and review all of the paperwork on your behalf for your protection.  If you don’t disclose something the correct way to a buyer, you risk getting sued by the buyer. 

2. Pre-screen Buyers to Efficiently Schedule Showings. We know the right questions…

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Why Trying to Sell on Your Own Costs You Money

With the real estate market being a very strong seller’s market, many sellers are tempted more than ever to try to sell on their own without an agent. The common misconception is that you will save money by not using a realtor which is untrue. There are several reasons that using a realtor will actually save you money.

1. Staging and updating your home is important. An agent will point you in the right direction when deciding what repairs or updates to make when you are getting your home ready to list. We know the key things that will bring you more money and we know which things to avoid when updating your home for the market. If you put money into the wrong areas in your home, you most likely won’t see a return on that investment of time and…

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People have always had their reasons for moving. Whether it’s a new job, a major life event (babies, marriage, divorce), or a desire to get back to something familiar, moving is the cause and the effect. After 2020, people are moving for similar but more personal reasons. According to the 2020 Annual National Movers Study:

“For customers who cited COVID-19 as an influence on their move in 2020, the top reasons associated with COVID-19 were concerns for personal and family health and wellbeing (60%); desires to be closer to family (59%); 57% moved due to changes in employment status or work arrangement (including the ability to work remotely); and 53% desired a lifestyle change or improvement of quality of life.”

What We’ve Seen in Central…

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Today’s housing market is full of unprecedented opportunities. High buyer demand paired with record-low housing inventory is creating the ultimate sellers’ market, which means it’s a fantastic time to sell your house. However, that doesn’t mean sellers are guaranteed success no matter what. There are still some key things to know so you can avoid costly mistakes and win big when you make a move.

1. Price Your House Right

When inventory is low, like it is in the current market, it’s common to think buyers will pay whatever we ask when setting a listing price. Believe it or not, that’s not always true. Even in a sellers’ market, listing your house for the right price will maximize the number of buyers that see your house. This creates the…

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Patrick J. Connors, Founder of Castle Rock Realty, Retires

Mauston, WI. May 06, 2021 – Castle Rock Realty announced that Pat Connors has sold to one of his Realtors of 24 years, Bobbi Brandt.

In 2019 Pat decided it was time to start to wind down a little, so he sold part of Castle Rock Realty to Bobbi. Pat worked closely with Bobbi for a year training her leadership skills and the behind-the-scenes of running a successful real estate company.

Bobbi then bought Pat out in 2020 when she felt comfortable with flying solo. On April 30, 2021, Pat sold the last piece of the real estate puzzle to Bobbi, which is the building located at 104 W. State St. Mauston.

Although Pat is technically “retired” from real estate he still plays a large part…

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Selling your house when the fewest number of homes are available to buy is what puts you in the driver’s seat. With today’s high buyer traffic and low inventory of houses for sale, this power combination makes now the optimal time to sell, if you’re ready. Whether you want to move-up or downsize, here’s the breakdown on supply and demand and why this imbalance in the current housing market positions this season as the optimal time to make your next move.

High Buyer Demand

Buyer demand is strong right now, and buyers are active in the market. ShowingTime, which tracks the average number of buyer showings on residential properties, recently announced that buyer showings are up 51.5% compared to the same time last year. Daniil Cherkasskiy,…

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Today’s real estate market is one of the fastest-moving in recent memory. With record-low inventory in many market segments, we’re seeing multiple offers—and sometimes even bidding wars—for homes in the most sought-after neighborhoods. This has led some sellers to question the need for an agent. After all, why spend money on a listing agent when it seems that you can stick a For Sale sign in the yard then watch a line form around the block?

Some buyers may also believe they’d be better off purchasing a property without an agent. For those seeking a competitive edge, proceeding without a buyer’s agent may seem like a good way to stand out from the competition—and maybe even score a discount. Since the seller pays the buyer agent’s commission, wouldn’t a…

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To Renovate or Not To Renovate Before You Sell

When thinking about selling, homeowners often feel they need to get their house ready with some remodeling to make it more appealing to buyers. However, with so many buyers competing for available homes right now, renovations may not be as vital as they would be in a more normal market. Here are two things to keep in mind if you’re thinking of selling this season.

1. There aren’t enough homes for sale right now.

A normal market has a 6-month supply of houses for sale, but today’s housing inventory sits far below that benchmark. According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), there’s only a 1.9-month supply of homes available today. As a result, buyer competition is high and homes are…

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Will the Housing Market Bloom This Spring?

Spring is almost here, and many are wondering what it will bring for the housing market. Even though the pandemic continues on, it’s certain to be very different from the spring we experienced at this time last year. Here’s what a few industry experts have to say about the housing market and how it will bloom this season.

Danielle Hale, Chief Economist,

“Despite early weakness, we expect to see new listings grow in March and April as they traditionally do heading into spring, and last year’s extraordinarily low new listings comparison point will mean year over year gains. One other potential bright spot for would-be homebuyers, new construction, which has risen at a year over year…

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